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Matluck’s new single “In My Arms” is a prolific encounter with love and togetherne

Matluck, a multi-platinum, Emmy Award winning songwriter from Miami, FL, is making big waves in his own endeavors as a recording artist. His heartfelt sound and prolific songwriting abilities make him a sure-thing, edging the horizon of Pop stardom. Having already racked up millions of streams via his credits as a songwriter, it’s time for Matluck to have his long awaited big-time breakthrough as a solo act. “In My Arms”, Matluck’s latest, is a warm Pop track with universal appeal. Feelings of comfort and love radiat from Matluck’s smooth vocals; it’s the kind of song that will have you smiling in the car, in your room, or heard in passing on the street. 

“In My Arms” is as charming as it gets, appealing to the universal feelings one encounters when their significant other comes to mind. Matluck is right, nothing compares to being with that one special person. That feeling, of being content in your togetherness, is simplistic yet difficult to quantify. However, Matluck manages to capture that sentiment in its entirety. Furthermore, the instrumentation on “In My Arms” enhances the feelings of comfort already present in Matluck’s voice and words. Steady guitar plucks, well placed bell hits, and smooth cascading strings lay the groundwork for Matluck’s success. In its most grandiose form, “In My Arms” transcends any understanding of Pop music that one may have, culminating into a passion fueled collection of harmonies that round off seamlessly, perhaps brushing against sonic perfection. Furthermore, it would be easy to merely transcribe Matluck’s words; we could marvel at his probing analogies and evocative statements of love and assurance for days. However, in complement with the beautifully composed musical elements of “In My Arms”, there is no comparison… I urge you to listen to the track, and then listen again. Keep your eye out for more of this future star, and even if you don’t you’re bound to encounter his work sooner rather than later.

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