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Matoma Flips Noah Kahan’s Latest Into an Emotional Dance Jam

While we here at RockDafuqOut tend to try to stray away from sharing already established artists in favor of the up and comers, we recently found this new Matoma remix in our inbox and the vibe hit us immediately.

While Matoma may already be a huge well known artist, but the original artist, Noah Kahan is still on the rise.  Growing up on a tree farm in Vermont, Noah discovered a knack for music and songwriting at a young age.  By the time he graduated high school, he had already grabbed the attention of some music industry heavyweights – leading him to hold off on the college experience to devote all of his time to becoming an artist.  It all seems to be paying off.

Noah’s debut single, “Young Blood”, dropped to critical acclaim – reaching #5 on the Spotify US Viral Chart and quickly passing over 15M streams on the service.  He has also been keeping busy performing, sharing the stage for sold out shows with Ben Folds, Anderson East, and toured the U.S. with Milky Chance.

His newest single, “Hurt Somebody” continues his awe inspiring journey, with the release racking up over 500k streams in its first week alone.  It only made sense that they would follow up with some remixes, helping to introduce Noah to a new audience, and Matoma was a wise choice.

Best known for his bright, melodic, tropical leaning dance jams, Matoma approaches this mix with a subtlety not usually seen from the Norwegian producer.  While the remix definitely has a ‘Matoma vibe’, he opts for staccato plucks, orchestral strings and minimal sound design to build around Noah’s top notch Indie leaning vocals.  The uplifting remix holds onto the best aspects of the original while still taking the track in a whole new direction.

This is an all around stellar release that I will without a doubt be keeping in rotation.    Noah Kahan is currently on a sold out supporting The Strumbellas, so do yourself a favor and go check him out if he stops near by.

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