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Matthew Saba Explores Identity On “A Skin That Fits”

And now it’s time for something completely different.

Some of the best songs can be interpreted in many different ways. For instance, does Matthew Saba‘s new song “A Skin That Fits” deal with the subject of addiction, or is it about finding yourself in the world, or is it simply about adapting to a new environment after a big move? The great thing about art is that it can be interpreted however the listener feels.

Maybe the song is an ode to Saba‘s moves to advance his career. Saba left his home town of Washington D.C. to study at Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA. Upon graduating, he relocated to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his career as a film composer, songwriter and music producer. While networking in the city of angels, Saba met Chris Franz who co-produced this track and also met Hans Zimmer and his engineer Satoshi Noguchi who’s credited as the mixer for this song, as well as accomplished musicians Alex Hemlock (synth programming), Wayne Miller (bass guitar) & Kameron Waters (drums).

What’s clear is that Matthew Saba‘s thoughtful lyrics are a refreshing departure from the mainstream fodder. Combine his deep lyrics with a modern, bass guitar, drums and an electric guitar driven alternative rock sound, and you have something truly unique. Check it out.

I shared these thoughts with Matthew Saba, and he wrote back, “That’s an interesting take. For me personally, It’s simply about finding yourself, or rather choosing yourself. In my early twenties I had an identity crisis.  This song is an expression of my journey to self-actualization. I really appreciate you being willing to write about it. Thanks, bro!”

For those reading this, now it’s your chance to weigh in via the comments section below: What does this song mean to you? 

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