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mattisnotfamous Steps Out From Behind the Scenes to Launch New Solo Project

Sometimes there is nothing more exciting/inspiring for me than to see an artist take that next step in their career. As we all know, being an artist these days is an uphill battle that often seems impossible to rationalize when you have bills to pay and royalties alone are rarely enough to make a living off of. With that being said, when you love music as much as so many of us do, the risk and uncertainty of shooting your shot is often well worth the stress and anxiety it takes to make it make sense.

While mattisnotfamous may have only officially launched his solo project with single, "Paranoia," back in October, this next chapter has been years in the making. Having made a name for himself producing for the likes of Jesse McCartney, Noah Davis, TIMMS, Not The Main Characters and more, mattisnotfamous has already more than proved his worth as a secret weapon behind the scenes. Thanks to his impressive production chops, musical acuity and proven ability to help artists take their tunes up a few notches, he has undoubtedly racked up some impressive credits to date.

While he may feel right at home working with other artists behind the scenes, it seems mattisnotfamous is ready to share the spotlight and it seems like he has a whole lot up his sleeve. With the seemingly sudden explosion of Hyperpop over the last couple of years, mattisnotfamous is doubling down on his love for the genre/sound and going all in on a project of his own, hitting the ground running with back to back singles to close out 2022, seemingly setting himself up for a major push in the new year.

With a proven track record of successful releases alongside some of your favorite artists and his ability to craft top notch productions that appeal to the masses, this new solo project seems like the perfect next step for mattisnotamous. If you are a fan of Hyperpop, I suggest you check these two out and keep him on your radar - I have no doubt he has a lot more coming!

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