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Max Styler x TWERL x Evan Giia Hit with ‘Wasted Time’

If you’re not yet familiar with the sounds of Max Styler – you are out of the loop.

The young artist has been turning heads for several years, initially signed to Dim Mak at just 18, he has steadily been building his following and catalog with a number of stellar releases.  2017 was a big year for the young artist, seeing Max release his “Heartache” EP, his single, “Roller Coaster“, (number three on the Beatport charts during its first week), “Knock Me Down“, with MAKJ and a couple of bomb ass remix packs.  Closing out the year he had a 7 stop tour of Asia all leading to 2k18 where he kept the heat on with, “All Your Love”.

This time around Max Styler has teamed up with fellow Elysian artist TWERL for their first collaboration, “Wasted Time”.  With TWERL riding high on the success of his, “Stay”, EP, both artists come together on, “Wasted Time”, in prime fashion.  Enlisting EVAN GIIA for vocals, the new collaboration is a rich and emotional Electronic JAM.  While Evan delivers a haunting and soul touching vocal performance, the two producers create an anthemic booming bed of sound.

The dynamic release incorporates big hits, pulling synths and absolutely devastating drums to create a huge release ready for this years festival circuit.  What I love most about this release is the space they are able to create within the mix, making every sound hit, uninterrupted and unmasked by any other.  Beginning with deep pads, melancholy synths and filtered percussion, the track builds up as the emotion grows until it unleashed with the production and vocals coming perfectly together.

Do yourself a favor and keep this one in rotation.

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