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MEERA Spreads the Vibes On ‘Little of Your Time’ [VIDEO]

Something funky is happening in Portugal.  Comprised of Cecília, Jonny Abbey and Golmatique, MEERA is the new Disco-Soul trio looking to spread the vibes far and wide.

Their latest release, “Little of Your Time”, is an absolute jam that features funky guitar, unstoppable basslines, huge synths and uplifting, energetic vocals.  Setting out to make you dance, smile, and enjoy yourself – even for just a short while – MEERA has clear intentions behind the music they are creating… they are creating from the heart and for the soul.  

While I could go on about what I think the song is about, sometimes it is best to let the artist speak for themselves.  About the tune, MEERA says, “Little of Your Time comes at a time of need, for human connection and empathy, a time when our differences must be cast aside so that we’re able to cherish all the love and respect we’ve worked so hard for. When everything seems to be falling apart, and society’s setbacks make us question what’s really important, it’s absolutely essential to have a place to belong to, and someone special that won’t let you down, no matter what. Whether you are at a dance club on a Saturday night, having special date with your soul mate, or hanging out with your friends, you’re able to experience a moment when you disconnect from all the worries and letdowns, and feel the world surrounding you as an extension of yourself. That particular moment is what we meant to capture in this song, so that whenever people listen to it, they’ll feel that life’s biggest goal is to love and to be loved.

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