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  • Nicholas Zallo

Meeting in the Middle with LCAW

In this funky sounding electronic track about compromise, LCAW hits all of the right notes and does everything but compromise in its sheer energetic power. LCAW is a Berlin-based producer who creates Pop and Electronic tracks and has come a long way since 2013, during which he dropped his unofficial bootleg mixes. Such mixes have paved the way for him as a known talent as his fan base started to grow.

This electro mix is very much a Dance bop that has a large age range in terms of music listenability. I can hear this song being played in an 18+ club as well as my little cousin’s pool party. This is a mix that can easily be consumed musically. Through his affinity of touching more people and having the potential to be popular I could see the monetary success of the song being huge.

LCAW has an extensive background as a Cellist and Pianist before becoming an electronic producer. Understanding instrumentation and taking up musical instruments has shown to be an extremely important aspect of a producer’s road to mastering beat making. It is evident that his attraction to the two instruments has helped his progression of understanding rhythm and melody in his production skills.

Meet in the Middle (his debut EP) is out now! This 4 track EP is very catchy and contains material that has a very much rhythmic quality to it that is missing in a lot of aggressive Electronic music.

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