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Mehro Releases His Newest Ballad, "Parasite."

Beautiful strings, light twangy guitar, and a warm vocal lead is what makes up Mehro’s newest emotional ballad, “Parasite.” "Parasite" is a song that feels cinematic and intense. It captures deep emotions and raw feelings, which is necessary when making long-lasting pop hits. Mehro connects with his audience in “Parasite” by taking a step into a more vulnerable position as a songwriter and bearing his soul on his latest track.

Mehro cites a brutal and toxic relationship to be his main source of inspiration when writing “Parasite.” It is this mix of somber lyrics and faded instrumentals that allows listeners to get lost in the musical world he has created. Mehro states,

"Parasite' is the story of how something so grotesque can appear to be so beautiful; a toxic relationship that feeds off the hope of the unsuspecting heart. I wanted to create a sonic world that embodied the illusion of that deceptive beauty, and to tell that story uncompromised. To me this is alchemy."

“Parasite" is lush and atmospheric. Reflecting on a personal "Parasite” in his life, Mehro confronts dark and difficult emotions instead of hiding behind "silly faces" and smiles, which is what he typically does. This self-awareness is best shown in the following lyric:

"victim trophies glistening fake gold/ and you won't let go."

In “Parasite,” Mehro is able to decipher when his actions are rooted in trauma. For Mehro, this realization symbolizes a place of healing, pushing him to go further in his path of healing.

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