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Meskerem Mees Will Fill You With Magic on “The Writer”

Some songwriters just have the innate ability to tell stories in a natural and compelling way that exudes magical melodies and memorable lyrics. This goes for rising-European singer-songwriter Meskerem Mees. She showcases her incredible voice and writing abilities on her song “The Writer” off of her debut album Julius.

Taking up her acoustic guitar and lulling with her cool and soothing voice, Meskerem has a raw and rare lens through which she tells her stories. The tune comes from an autobiographical perspective and leans into themes of longing, love, and friendship. “The Writer” is an irresistible folk gem that radiates along with the album; a collection of 13 timelessly beautiful songs, whose melodies and choruses effortlessly find their way to the musical epicentre in your head. You can tell Meskerem puts thought into every word and these songs sound as if they were penned by previous visionaries like Bob Dylan or Joni Mitchell.

Twenty-two year old Meskerem Mees opens her mouth, and musical magic pours out. Her debut single “Joe” was a big commercial and critical success in Belgium and its neighbouring countries. The follow-up singles “Seasons Shift” and “Astronaut” confirmed her status as one of Europe’s biggest talents in music. This status brought her to some of the most beautiful places in Europe, from Berlin to Paris, and to top it off, the prestigious Montreux Jazz Festival on the shoreline of Lake Geneva.

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