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metty takes us deep into the recess of heartbreak with "Unlove You"

"Unlove You" is that fuzzy moment in your room, when everything goes all blurred and you finally realize it's over - and then there is only heartbreak.

metty has designed an adult contemp bedroom pop track that not only creates sound from our heartbreak, frustrations and realizations but also gives us the tools to survive it, to overcome that frustration. metty is a Hamburg-based and has slowly been on the rise with their alt-pop mentality and soft pop soundscapes.

It's a true feat to be able to listen to a track, almost immediately sign into what it stands for, be indulgent in your embracing of the track, bop to it, feel it, and still have it hit your heart with a hammer and shatter it into a million pieces.

metty's EP "It's Not The Right Time For Us" has been out now for a while, and I can't implore you enough to listen to it, especially if your heart needs a reset.

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