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Mike SB Keeps it ‘Cool’

Florida bred MC Mike SB first caught my attention last year when he delivered the jam below in my inbox.

Since then Mike SB has been hard at work creating and releasing music, honing his craft and dropping tunes for his growing fan base.  Starting from a young age Mike fell in love with music.  Heavily influenced by his older brothers taste, he eventually realizing that Hip Hop was where his heart was.  At the age of 16, he began recording and today he continues to hit the booth to. chase his dreams.  About music and the passion that comes along with it, Mike SB urges his fans, “when you find that one thing that you can’t live without doing, do it.

His latest tune, “Cool”, is a smooth and chill jam that shows Mike SB sliding over a production from Trev Browning.  Bright, oscillating keys and thumping drums lay the foundation for Mike, who lets listeners know exactly where he’s at and where he came from.  Realizing that everyone has their problems, he clears his mind and is finally, “seeing clearly now.”

It seems for Mike, he is committing to giving his all to this music shit – using his voice and letting all of the weight on his shoulders sink away.  Giving props to his parents, Mike sees that where he is now is all due to where he came from and he is just hoping to pay them back in full.

With a newfound clarity in his mind, Mike SB Is prepared for whatever comes at him, letting us know, “when they bring the heat – I keep it cool”.

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