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Millé Releases Second Single ‘Minimal Love’

Raised in Germany, it has only been a few short months since new artist Millé launched his solo career with debut single, “All Good”.  Having teamed up with new music company, Berlin based WEFOR, Millé has been able to make some major waves coming out of the gate.  Landing in a number of official Spotify playlist (including New Music Friday in a number of markets), charting on German radio, landing in the Spotify viral charts and even taking the top spot on the Submithub Pop chart – Millé has clearly found a way to connect.  

The 20 year old singer/songwriter/actor is now back with his latest single, “Minimal Love”, and it will without a doubt help to add to the hype around the fresh faced, buzz worthy artist.  With his soulful vocals leading the way, Millé is able to pen a poignant, relatable and touching tune for his latest offering.  With a clean R&B leaning production lending support, Millé is able to dominate the track with his dynamic, soul touching performance.  

Having already racked up millions of streams, hundreds of thousands of listeners and landing into he radar of tastemakers far and wide, Millé promises to have a whole lot more in the pipeline for 2020.  Do yourself a favor and keep tabs.  

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