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Mind Control with Ballerina Black

Following up on a successful U.K. tour, LA based Ballerina Black has just released their new EP, “East Linus“, including their single, “Telepathy“, a brand new Mope Rock anthem with an incredibly classic feel.

The brainchild Bobby Moynahan, Ballerina Black is best known for their expansive synths, experimental guitar effects, accessible melodies and 3 dimensional lyrics.  In their latest release, “Telepathy“, an uptempo, driving feel grabs you out of the gate and continues to hold on.  With a perfect blend of bass, guitar, vocals and synth patches – filters, gates, side chains, reverbs and delays take this track to the next level, adding all sorts of audible layers that are more felt than heard.

If my mom knew how to use the interwebs I’d for sure send it her way.  She would dig this – as do I.

Photo cred. Christine

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