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Minou Nombreuse releases her debut Afro/RnB single "Express" on Berlin-based Paradise Sound System

Introducing Minou Nombreuse, a British-born artist hailing from Mauritius roots and currently residing in Johannesburg. She's a rising force in the music scene, blending Afrobeat, R&B, and Pop genres. Her latest single, "Express," showcases her ethereal harmonies fused with a nostalgic R&B melody. Through her music, she delves into the essence of uninhibited expression and underscores its paramount importance.

Influenced by renowned artists like The Weekend, Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes, and Michael Jackson, Minou Nombreuse encompasses a spectrum that resonates with the 90s era. Her approach to sound and vision is dynamic, paralleled by her role as a contemporary dancer. Expect a captivating visual and auditory journey as this Afro R&B sensation invites us into her realm.

This year commenced with her debut release, "Check Mate," which thrust her into the limelight. The song not only showcased her prowess in songwriting and production but also magnetized audiences, solidifying her identity as a performer. Now, in her prime, she returns with "feel good" music, bringing "Express", believing that this uplifting energy will continue to radiate throughout South Africa's music landscape. Listen to the track here

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