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Molly Hammar’s sentimental single “Alone”

Swedish pop singer Molly Hammar showcases the melodic power in her voice on her new single “Alone.” In this soon to be radio hit, Molly reads through the mind of her ex, “You said you loved her and you meant it…I know you say that to every girl” before having an epiphany that this former lover “just [hates] to be alone” providing reason behind all of this person’s antics. Continuing to uncover the actions she faced, she tells her past boyfriend “You look for happiness in somebody else / That’s why you’ll always be alone.” 

Hammar seems to be telling the world that, at the moment, she is better off being single after realizing that her last boyfriend was toxic and mentally damaging to her. 

Over a catchy guitar rift, the song is sure to hook you with its build up, and forceful chorus and might make you think about your own relationship problems in the past, while giving you the strength to move forward.

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