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Moncrieff Drops First-Ever Love Song, "Warm"

Irish born singer/songwriter Moncrieff dropped his latest single on January 21, 2022 across all digital platforms, "Warm" the new release from the artist, comes ahead of a Spring 2022 scheduled EP release., with German label Energie Musik. Having performed alongside and impressing mega stars, such as, Adele, Elton John, and Avicii with his songwriting abilities, Moncrieff has certainly made a name for himself with his music. The singer/songwriter has been honing his craft slowly, over years, and is now ready to unleash a fresh-hot batch of musical cookies, with no frills attached. Stripped down and stylish, Moncrieff's music does not require fanfare. The songwriting and performance speak for themself through straightforward and simple but effective Pop melodies and beats.

"Warm", Moncrieff's latest single release, is a perfect example of music that is beautiful, in its simplest form. A beautiful vocal melody and lyrics, couples with a simple and steady piano riff and percussive beat. When the chorus style background vocals kick in, the song has an added layer of complexity and beauty. The tune is heartfelt and personal, a song that tells the story of acceptance and dealing with another person’s faults, while also pulling focus on taking stock in the little things. "On your coldest of nights, babe, I'll be there keeping you warm", a line from the chorus also happens to reflect the beauty of the words, flowing from Moncrieff in this song.

Moncrieff wrote "Warm" with a small group of musician friends and is the latest example of the artists incredible songwriting prowess. His talent has already brought him much recognition and success. After releasing an earlier EP titled, The Early Hurts, which included a track called "Serial Killer", that amassed over 10 million Spotify streams, Moncrieff took more time to continue honing his craft. “I now have the tools to create really personal, simple and direct songs that don’t need to have any bells and whistles to tell the story. Music has always been a lens that I use to look at the world… and to process my feelings.” -he says. This rings especially true, since Moncrieff turned to music to help deal with the loss of both his brother and sister, and the emotion he felt, over this, at a young age.

All things combined, Moncrieff has managed to create beautiful, deep, personal songs. He doesn't appear to tire of mastering his songwriting craft, so I am sure that we will not tire of listening to the songs he writes.

Enjoy an accompanying video for Moncrieff's, "Warm"!

Listen to more like Moncrieff here:

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