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Moxie Raia Impresses On New Single ‘Shades of Blue’ [VIDEO]

What has been nearly a lifetime in the making, New Jersey born LA based dancer/singer/songwriter Moxie Raia has spent years developing her talents and honing her craft.  A competitive dancer by the age of six, writing her own songs by 10, and applying to a performing arts school in New York City without her parents’ knowledge at 13; it seems Moxie Raia has known for years exactly what she’s wanted to do.

As an artist Moxie Raia has already achieved some rather impressive accolades.  To date her music has seen over 85 million streams and she has released songs featuring artists such as Post Malone, Wyclef and Pusha T.  Aside from her recorded music, it seems Moxie Raia is no stranger to performing for massive crowds – having landed as a support act on Justin Bieber’s Purpose Tour, it seems the industry is paying close attention to the rising songstress.

With contemporary musical training as a student, Moxie Raia has been able to impress audiences with her polished, emotive, signature R&B/Neo-Soul sound.  Inspired by her fathers love of Soul music that played regularly in her childhood home, Moxie Raia takes the best of what she heard as a child and mixes it with the modern influences to create something both fresh and nostalgic. 

Yet another breathtaking release from the young artist, Moxie Raia seems to have no plans to slow down anytime soon.  About her writing style, she says, “When I’m making music, I’m not thinking about anything but trying to make something true.  I like bringing things together, all of my influences, all of these things added up together.

Here’s to hoping she keeps it coming.  This is an absolute gem.

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