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Moyka’s New Single “Backwards” is a Synth Driven Dance-Pop Gem [VIDEO]

Exploring the genre-spaces of synth driven pop Norwegian pop singer Moyka reveals her latest single “Backwards“, a dance worthy pop record.  She got her start in 2019 emerging as an original artist with a strong mind which she unveiled in her debut EP “Circles.” Her songs plum the depths of the young adult mind without sentimentality. Her music explores the pains that come with youth but matched with an air of confidence and self-reliance, she goes on to remark “I wanted to create a mystical universe,” she shares, “where people could feel at home.

Backwards” continues on that path exploring what things in your life can pull you quite literally backwards .“This song is about all the things that can drag you back into the hurt when you really want to move on,” she says. “But I think it’s really good to talk about it, and it’s okay to be sad.” This one falls in the category of a perfect sad bop pop banger and that’s quite alright with us!

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