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  • Al Stephens

Multi-instrumentalist FAREES' moving folk ballad “She Talks With Jesus” is an ode to his mother

Neo-funk producer and multi-instrumentalist Farees’ new single, “She Talks with Jesus” is a powerful ballad that showcases his folk-tinged vitality and blends his Tuareg roots with desert blues, acoustic folk, and psychedelia. It features Beatles-esque bridges, a Höfner 500/1 Violin Bass, and sparkling Fender Rhodes.

“She Talks with Jesus” is a departure from his simultaneously released albums Blindsight and Galactic Africa, and reflects on the absence of education and the global stigma surrounding mental health. It commemorates the powerful presence of his mother, an energy healer who faced a lack of empathy and negativity in her small village surrounding her struggles with mental health.

Farees is currently recording two new albums: Nature Boy will continue on his path of love balladry, and White Lion will be an edgy, spoken word companion piece. Farees is also collaborating with Jimi Hendrix Experience legend Billy Cox and Leo Nocentelli of The Meters on separate projects.

While Farees is not a protest artist and refuses to be categorized into any singular genre, he continues to fight for love and emphasizes its importance in his work on “She Talks with Jesus.”

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