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MY oh MY

Bubbling Swedish artist MY has been racking up streams and introducing the world to her honest, raw and edgy Pop tunes with a line of singles leading up to the release of her forthcoming EP, “Kids from the Woods“.

Her latest single, “Skeletons“, is a synth driven anthem, with a bit of an 80’s vibe.  With an interesting tone, dynamic range and energetic delivery, the vocals take over from the very beginning with the production perfectly suited to support.  While the verses remain a bit low key, the hook is absolutely huge.  MY was even able to secure a spot in several New Music Friday playslists on Spotify throughout Europe with her latest release.

Giving us a bit more insight into the release, MY says, “Skeletons is a song about having trouble moving on from previous mistakes, collecting skeletons in the heart (rather than in the closet) and how they can come back to haunt you later on in life. I think we all carry them, and that we need to be able to accept forgiveness and forgive ourselves to be able move on. “I’m the monster – for telling myself I want you. When I’m the one who’s got all of those skeletons in my heart…” It was like it always is, had a great session and loads of fun with the boys in the studio (Johannes Andersson, Bhav aka Knightstarr), and a very catchy poptune with quite depressing lyrics came out the other end. Just typically me…

To go along with the single, she has also included a captivating lyric video that adds even more flames to the fire.  From her clever lyrics to her memorable top lines and everything in between, it is easy to see what MY is quickly becoming a fan favorite out of the Pop haven that is Sweden.

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