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nÜ nÜ & Raene Drop New Gem with ‘GUD @ GUDBYES’

It’s Friday and the perfect track dropped just in time for your weekend Zoom parties. nÜ nÜ is making his Tommy Boy debut with “GUD @ GUDBYES” featuring singer/songwriter Raene and we could not be more hyped about it.

The Vancouver based artist brings us all the chill vibes on this electronic single with whimsical instrumentals and nostalgic Pop-EDM vocals. The powdery drum hits and exotic sounds make you feel like you’re on a colorful journey to a happy place. From beginning to end the new tune brings ever-evolving soundscapes, incredible dynamics and concise arrangements that help drive the songs emotional connection with listeners.

Whether you’re driving around in your car or vibing out with friends, this banger’s got you covered.”

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