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Nashville Flow Pop Artist danny G Releases the “Quarantine Tapes” EP

As we near the end of May, our new favorite Nashville flow pop artist danny G has released his highly anticipated “Quarantine Tapes” EP. The EP has been a steady roll out with one single release every Thursday in May leading up to the full project. A new sound for danny, “Quarantine Tapes” embodies a perfect blend of soulful and playful with hints of Chance the Rapper influence sprinkled throughout. All revenue from the project will be sent to the Recording Academy’s MusiCares COVID-19 Relief fund in order to help those impacted by the massive hit this had on the music industry.

Our favorite songs on the EP? It’s hard to choose! “came through” offers such a solid summertime vibe while the gratitude of “lucky” tugs at your heartstrings like no other. “i just might”…just might…be a new Nashville anthem and “best friend” offers smooth nostalgia for your first love….your ride or die. The second to last track “best friend” offers an undeniable swagger and the “we got this” skit ends the project with an uplifting vibe, desperately needed during dark times.

Be sure to follow danny on Instagram, Facebook, & Twitter to stay up to date on what the rest of 2020 will bring.

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