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Nashville's Stacey Kelleher Drops Another Gem with New Single "Broke In"

Throughout 2022, buzzing Nashville artist Stacey Kelleher has been hard at work, regularly landing in our inbox and on our minds thanks to a string of stand-out singles. Time and time again, proving herself to be one of the most consistent and talented artists in music city, she has grabbed our attention with her impressive songwriting, memorable vocals and polished performances. Most recently, this Indie powerhouse released her fourth single of the year, "Broke In", and it is without a doubt worth a listen.

Created alongside multi-talented, fellow Nashville singer/songwriter Dylan Rockoff (who is also an RDFO alumni), who also plays guitar on the track, Stacey Kelleher's latest offering is a mid-tempo jam, driven by acoustic guitar and topped off with a groovy bassline and some big ol' drums. With her vocals and lyrics sitting at the forefront, she delivers a dynamic and uplifting tune, adding yet another stunning tune to her small but mighty catalog.

About the tune, Stacey Kelleher says, "'Broke In' was such a therapeutic song for me to write and I feel like I've been wanting to make this song subconsciously for so long. Growing up, I studied singing with numerous teachers, and so many of them thought something was medically wrong with my voice, which made me really self-conscious and scared. I went to several different vocal doctors and was told that my voice was perfectly healthy. I then realized that I needed to own my sound, which is such a personal part of who we are as humans, especially for me - singing is my whole life and has been since I was a little kid! Now, I know who I am and own it every time I sing or speak.'"

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