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Driveaway is a band from the storied music town of Gainesville, Florida. Although their ranks have changed, since the bands inception in 2016, the mainstays and current members at the helm, the Ropp brothers, Trenton and Tanner have been the glue holding the band together. After a few previous iterations, the current lineup consists of Trenton Ropp (frontman), Tanner Ropp (bass), Kyle Tapley (guitar) and Andrew Mankin (drums). With the addition of Tapley in the summer of 2018, Driveaway shifted their style from traditional POP, ROCK and BLUES, to their new sound of Dance-Rock and Indie-POP. The foursomes creativity and style of conjoining traditional musical genres with new wave synth tones, give them a fresh, hip, and new sound that is rooted in familiar Rock/POP patterns.

Hold Me Close, the newest single from Driveaway is a song about the issues that inevitably arise when romance buds and spreads through an existing friendship. With lyrics outlining the feelings and fallout from friendship turning to romance and romance giving way to nothingness, the story follows the aftermath, of the ending, of such relationships. A thick, lo-fi, analog bass tone drives the entire song with a steady bouncing rhythm all the way up to the soaring guitar solo at the end of the tune. These two polar opposite ends of the sonic spectrum are held together tightly by the interesting and quirky synth tones and smooth well-phrased vocals. Smartly written and well produced, Hold Me Close is a song that is everything you want from a radio jam. The lyrics of Driveaway‘s newest single hit you in the feels, just as hard as the ending guitar solo slaps you in the face.

The flow and musicality of Hold Me Close, as well as the band, is undeniable. The song is fun, relatable, and radio worthy…to say the least. To spite some tumultuous beginnings in their five-year career, the band has come along away and have put forth some great music, including their 2017 debut album Lucana. The album highlights TJ Fillmer’s (original lead vocals and guitar) departure from the group to pursue a career in medicine. This transition is discussed in the poetic and soft Grow Without Me, a track that was Fillmer’s goodbye to the band.

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