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Neko Savvy & Icon South Keep the Turn Up Coming with ‘Tofu’ (& More) [VIDEO]

It wasn’t too long ago that Neko Savvy and Icon South made their debut on the site.  Last time around I felt obligated to talk about the duos hustle and non stop release schedule… this time around… not much has changed.

The banging New Wave Hip Hop sounds of MC Neko Savvy and producer Icon South are not to be fucked with.  Very few artists hit my inbox so often that I have a hard time keeping up, but these two continue to do just that.  

Since our last feature, Icon South & Neko Savvy have released several new tunes, with my personal fav being, “Tofu”.  Over a slapping, bass heavy, dark production, Neko Savvy spits aggressive bars about turning up, traveling the world, and getting it in.  To make the release even doper, it comes along with an official video that shows the two young guns hanging out of car windows, stomping on top of cars and rolling with some daredevil bikers.  An energetic visual to match the vibe of the track.

While I could elaborate more, let’s let the music talk.  Check out the other new releases below and make sure you keep an eye on these guys.

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