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“Never Go Wrong” by Nicky Youre and David Hugo is as Infectious as it is Jam Worthy

“Never Go Wrong” is the perfect summer track that is comprised of upbeat dance movements and addictive pop melodies that make it an instant staple for summer drives and late-night parties.

It is a song about connecting instantly with someone new and feeling that enigmatic chemistry. It talks about feeling so confident in a connection that is filled with joy and happiness that it seems immune to any pitfalls.

“Never Go Wrong” highlights Nicky Your and David Hugo as watch-worthy pop collaborators due to their ability to capture that irresistible sensation of infatuation and the highs that come with summer. Nicky Your and David Hugo put pen to paper and write the most perfect lyrics to illustrate finding someone who seems straight out of a movie.

Not only is “Never Go Wrong” bubbly and uplifting sonically, but the music video is just as colorful and whimsical. The color palette spans green, pink, and blue, capturing the pastels of youth and hopefulness that is associated with young love. The duo captures the romanticism that comes with summer romances and the carefree attitude that comes with casual flings.

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1 Comment

Rem Ruati
Rem Ruati
Feb 22, 2023

I LIKE NICKY YOURE SO MUCH LIKE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!😻

From : Rem Ruati

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