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New Anti- Heartbreak Anthem single, Ironically Titled ‘Heartbreak Anthem’- from Kyd The

DEVIN GUISANDE the Nashville based artist behind solo operation KYD THE BAND is just slightly over a week away, from dropping his new EP. However, just a few short weeks ago he treated us to his newest single from that EP, ‘HEARTBREAK ANTHEM‘, a collaboration with artist gnash. This anti-break up anthem, ANTHEM, an ALT/URBAN/POP jam sporting a gritty low undertone R&B style beat and melody accompanied by a more INDIE/ALT vocal performance, with powerful story telling lyrics that are both inventive and quite relatable. ‘HEARTBREAK ANTHEM‘ is a song about the collective catharsis an audience or group of people can go through while listening to a song about a shared feeling toward personal heartaches and subsequent heartbreaks. DEVIN, has stated that “I love sad music. I’m just fascinated with how people respond to it, and I’m even more intrigued with how strongly heartbreak unites people together in a live concert setting“. While clearly fascinated by how a sad song can bring an audience together, this jam is not, quite…THAT. Instead, with his clever lyrics, KYD THE BAND plays with the idea that every heart break song he hears is about his own heartbreak…and frankly, he’s sick of it! With lyrics like “wish this song would get out of head, get out of my head” and “someone give me a microphone, I feel slightly less all alone, when everyone chants a Heartbreak Anthem”, we are treated to an honest and almost humorous look into the soul of the artist, as he sings a song about no longer wanting to sing a song about heartbreak. These clever lyrical ideas allow GUISANDE, to share one more sad, heart-felt, love song; while effectively letting the listeners AND whoever the song is about know, HE’S OVER IT! “‘Heartbreak anthem’ is a song about a song you don’t want to hear anymore about someone you no longer want to think about… Ironically based on my past releases, this is a protest song about society’s obsession with breakup anthems, which is why I love it so much,”says the artist.

Previous releases from the EP include tracks such as; Dark Thoughts, This Time Last Year, Easy (feat. Elley Duhé), and Human. As evident from these releases, KYD THE BAND, transcends genres, easily. Devin, a multi-instrument musician, relies mostly on the message behind his lyrics, which are fearlessly introspective, for his fans to relate to and ultimately learn from. He began his songwriting career almost entirely on instinct, rather than drawing from other artists. GUISANDE was not allowed to watch movies or listen to secular music, growing up. This definitely served him in finding a unique way to blend genres, without leaning in any particualr direction. His Pentecostal background rooted him deeply in faith but as he grew he began to question his place, “I’d thought I was going to be a preacher when I got older, but I started questioning everything and just completely changed the whole trajectory of my life“. Luckily for us, he did! Otherwise, we might not have been treated to these jams! However, it’s likely that those beginnings are responsible for his soulful lyrics and want to connect with his audience.

We like this KYD and look forward to the release of his EP on May 29!

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