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NEW RELEASE Amille– “White Lies.” Where an innocent lie multiplies into a whirl of untruths.

Scandinavian pop goddesses such as Zara Larsson, Tove Lo, MØ, and ALMA have consistently dominated the charts with their feel good dance tracks, but now Amille has joined them on their journey towards pop perfection with her new stripped down, vocal-focused, self-empowering pop song, “White Lies.”

“White Lies” naked production, hypnotic melodies, irresistible beat, and powerful chorus adds a euro-pop vibe to the song that is all about saying farewell to a former relationship. The undeniably talented singer-songwriter, Amille, stated that “White Lies” was like looking “back at something that passed by in a blur with crystal clarity. I had a lot of fun contrasting this raw admission with a heavy, clubby vibe.”  The Swedish singer portrays an honest confession about the difficulties and complexities of being in a relationship, especially when an innocent lie can turn into a whirlwind of falsehoods.

It is no wonder why “White Lies” is as hypnotic and addictive as it is, since the talented singer comes from a bloodline of  musicians. Amille would write songs in secret, which acted as an expressive outlet for her to further understand herself as a person. Amille’s deep love for storytelling and journalism, which she studied at university, is deeply reflected in her music and production, since she stated that she “couldn’t write or perform a song that didn’t mean something” to her. Amille’s deep connection to music makes all of her tracks so personal, which allows her listeners to connect with her songs in a special and unique way. As Amille herself puts it,  “White Lies” is a “dance, cry, goodbye song. It’s about a love story that doesn’t feel endless anymore.”

“White Lies” is just another example of Amille’s unique creativity and special ability to make moody and hard-hitting pop songs. Amille is set to release a series of songs with an optimistic flavor leading into the summer, such as “Detox” and “Single 3.”

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