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New single "HIGHWAY MADNESS" from Detroit favorites KIND BEAST is the perfect late night ride

Detroit favorites Kind Beast are elated to release “Highway Madness”, the first single from their upcoming Dirty Realism album.

The enthralling combination of classic rock and soul on "Highway Madness" is made possible by the distortion of the guitar and the rawness of the vocals.

The new single from Kind Beast creates a captivating atmosphere that is sure to engage listeners throughout.

“Highway Madness” is an homage to Sean Madigan Hoen’s ongoing obsession with all-night drives and the open road, which he and Dan Jaquint first indulged in their life of van tours in the pre-cellphone age.

"Perfect for late-night freedom cruising on the outskirts of town," NPR affiliate WDET describes Kind Beast's music as sophisticated and nocturnal, digesting ‘70s arena rock and Krautrock as readily as post-Fugazi canon.

In the late '90s, guitarist/vocalist Sean Madigan Hoen met drummer Dan Jaquint while touring the North American post-punk scene. In addition to Hoen and Jaquint, bassist Sean Bondareff (formerly with Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels) and guitarist Martin Rodgers, fifteen years younger than the other members, have made their names as some of Detroit's most talented guitarists.

Hoen's (a widely published author) imagistic lyrics are set to a vast blend of rock swagger and Detroit eeriness.

Despite paying less homage to Hoen and Jaquint's teenage bands (Thoughts of Ionesco and Small Brown Bike, respectively), Kind Beast is more often compared to mature rock/pop acts like Arctic Monkeys, Spoon, and Queens of the Stone Age. In the eyes of discerning listeners, Touch and Go and Dischord have a deeper influence.

After a series of headlining shows in Detroit, Kind Beast has opened for a versatile array of national indie and post-punk acts. 2023 will see the release of their second album Dirty Realism and an East Coast tour.

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