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New Song – ‘Slow It Down’ by Flavia Abadía

Canadian DJ and Producer Flavia Abadía has added a really strong hitter to her repertoire with ‘Slow It Down‘. The Song is an combination of Kizomba, Moomba and middle eastern influences that all blend together fantastically to create a dancy and catchy song. The Song, produced along Medylandia will inspire you to dance in any club you hear it in.

The tune is quite minimalistic, the heavy kick is ever-present and it is accompanied by a percussive bass, sampled melodies and Flavia’s voice gracing the top layer. Flavia Abadía draws inspiration from her Colombian descent to blend together complex rhythms that simultaneously work perfectly together while maintaining the dance aspect flawlessly. The touring DJ has tried and tested this song in clubs worldwide including Toronto, Barcelona and Paris.

Flavia Abadía will be releasing more music this year that will surely be incredible for any dance floor and she will be performing all summer in Canada and Spain.

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