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Next Up: This Week, November 25th [PLAYLIST]

Quarantine has confined many of our artists to their four walls, but many have been able to use the time to dig deep and see how far their talents can take them. This week, our Next Up playlist features a slew of artists we’ve seen come out of the woodwork this 2020 with explosive 2021’s on the horizon. Featuring sensual R&B by Stephn, lulling break-up sounds by Michael Gerow, soul-crushing self-realization by Emilia Ali, and boundary-pushing indie-pop by Transviolet, check out what we have on Next Up.

Francis Aud – Codeine Kiss

Stephn, dndSection – More

Mansionair, NoMbe – Guillotine

KALI – Back To The Start

Dawson Gamble – What You Don’t Know

VERITÉ – best of me

LOVA – Lonely Ones

Michael Gerow – Broken

JORDY, OSTON – Tomorrow


CHATBOT – Opposite Of Boring

Charlotte Sands – Sweatshirt

Stephen Day – Every Way

Emilia Ali – Quiet

Tayo Sound – Heartbreaker

TRACES – Waited

Nina Baumer – Not Ready

Aaron Taos, Alice Gray – Summer’s Gone

Transviolet, Reo Cragun – Tropics

Annika Rose – Talk To Strangers

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