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Nick Dean is Right at Home on ‘How Did We?’

I was in love with tune before I knew the story behind the man.  Nick Dean has spent his life roaming the world, playing music and taking in all that life has to offer.  While his story is intriguing, we want to keep this post about the music.  But feel free to check out his bio on Facebook for a more in depth look into the man.

The Alternative/Pop artist recently dropped his new single, “How Did We?“, in our inbox and we were instantly hooked.  The vibrant and moody release brings a bit of Funk with some well crafted vocals and glitchy production. 

What I love most in this release is the originality.  While it fits in with the current musical landscape, there are elements that are very original to this track only and help it to stand out.  Electronic sounds groove along with some vocal chops, intriguing percussion and of course a captivating vocal performance.

I can only assume this song, and the rest of Nick Dean’s tunes are a blend of elements and influences he has taken in through his years globetrotting.  An interesting life no doubt leads to interesting music here, and I dig it.

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