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Nick Fabian Finds New Inspiration with ‘Let Me Down’

As has always seemed to be the case with music, sometimes, some of the most powerful records come at an artists lowest point.  Music is meant to make you feel, and when a tune is written based on deep rooted emotion, it is often undeniable when the track comes out.

Raised in Dallas, Nick Fabian made a move that so many songwriters and musicians do – moving to Music City (Nashville) to pursue his career.  Unfortunately things don’t always go as planned.  After some time, plenty of rejection, tons of hard work and a fading glimmer of hope, Nick travelled back home to Dallas as he had done many times – only this time he wasn’t sure if it would be a round trip or not. 

Once back home, where it all started, Nick sat down at his families piano and let his soul cry.  “I just started writing this taunt to the devil, the world, publishers who rejected me, everybody,” Nick says.  The end product is his new single, “Let Me Down”.  Co-produced by Rian Ball, his latest release is potentially his most honest and powerful to date.  Layers of guitar, piano, bass and strings set the mood while Nick Fabian delivers an emotive and heartfelt performance.  Behind the music there is an underlying message of triumph that is meant to inspire anyone who listens.  nick says, “Whatever you do to me, it’s not going to end me. It’s going to make me stronger.

With the chip off of his shoulder and a newfound hunger in his heart, Nick Fabian promises to keep on keeping on.  His new tune seems to be all he needed to find the spark that was slowly dwindling inside of himself.  He says, “I hope if people take anything away from ‘Let Me Down,’ it’s that suffering and pain in life can always lead to a better version of you, if you let it.

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