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NINA Sways on New Single ‘Guard Down’

It wasn’t too long ago that we brought you the debut EP from Berklee College grad and new artist NINA.

While it may be early on in her career, NINA has already found a way to turn heads with her honest tunes, soaring vocals and good vibes.  Looking to close out the summer on a high note, NINA teamed up with producer Adam Loffler, for her new single, “Guard Down“.

About the collaboration NINA says, “Adam is not only an incredible musician but a fantastic producer. I approached Adam with the chorus and he built out the song from there. The song really grew after we had built out the skeleton.  He would give me honest feedback about the lyrics and I know that Adam is developing his own style as a producer so it was really cool to explore how we could use his tips and tricks while making the track. I literally said ‘let’s Adam-ify the production’ because he just has such an ear for making a great beat or adding subtle samples.

The new single see NINA depart from her more Pop influenced roots to deliver a smooth, R&B inspired JAM.  Soft and sensual, NINA floats on top of a minimal yet interesting production that relies on soft keys, playful percussion and booming 808’s.  All coming together the tune is emotional yet groovy enough to get you moving.  About the tune NINA offers, “I hope people can really relate to this song. I want to give people a sense of confidence when they listen to the lyrics. I really hope that when people sing along they can allow themselves to feel for a moment. We’re human, we’re supposed to acknowledge our emotions.

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