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noaccordion & Aima the Dreamer Are Vibrant in "Smile Revolution"

Right on time for the vibrant blooms of spring, one of Oakland’s most collaborative producers and recording artists noaccordion presents her newest track “Smile Revolution”. An empowering collaboration with multidisciplinary artist Aima the Dreamer, “Smile Revolution” delivers a natural continuation from noaccordion’s latest hit “Welcome Diversity”. A celebration of equality, connection, diversity and queer joy, “Smile Revolution” stays true to noaccordion’s progressive roots. Hoping to bridge new connections by introducing a deep understanding of different cultures and approaches to a universal message, she pairs a festival-ready melody with Aima’s strong spoken-word style, offering a little something for lovers of Trap, Old School Hip Hop, Poetry and anthemic rhythms. While illustrating and creating the entire animated visual herself, Onah Indigo aka noaccordion used graphics she had designed for the album and plugged them into Adobe Animate. The process was lengthy and tedious, but the result offers a perfect colorful pairing with the song's overall message.

“Know that your joy is a revolution, your peace is a revolution, Your happiness is resistance, queer joy is resistance / Black and brown joy is resistance, And we here to start a revolution so lean in” ~ Smile Revolution

About Aima the Dreamer: Aima Paule, aka Aïma the Dreamer, is a multidisciplinary artist who has been performing, as well as creating and hosting events, for more than a decade. They are co-founder of Oakland’s beloved Soulovely, a QTBIPOC dance party that launched in 2011. Aima has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for twenty years and continues to be inspired by the beauty and brilliance of the art, music, and activism that is fostered there. No stranger to collaboration, they believe in the power of using art and music as a bridge between communities. Aima has rocked crowds from Oakland to Barcelona as a vocalist and emcee with groups such as Jazz Mafia and J-Boogie’s Dubtronic Science. They are currently with music group Femme Deadly Venoms, and have recently released their title track music video Femmenomenon. Follow them on IG, FB, & TikTok: @aimathedrmr.

About noaccordion: Known for amplifying extraordinary voices, Oakland-based producer and recording artist Onah Indigo aka noaccordion is a a multi-instrumentalist, who defies the limitations of genre by introducing club beats to underground MC’s or freaky variations on mainstream key patterns to techno and drum ‘n’ bass. Originally influenced by the wave of electronic music that swept Europe in the early 90’s, claiming her own sound became the top goal for this eclectic artist. Exploring a variety of sounds from samba to jazz, internationally-known influences have infiltrated her beats while introducing her music to festival goers from all over the world. Onah has performed as noaccordion at California’s Lightning in a Bottle Festival (20k capacity venue) and Symbiosis Gathering (10k), Nevada’s famous Burning Man Festival (60k+) as well as well-known venues like San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom, The Bently Reserve, The Mint and Public Works.

Past collaborations include Evan Fraser of Dirtwire, SkipWicked of Indubious, Eenor of Les Claypool’s Frog Brigade, Stephen Suchan of Soohan and many more. Onah’s music has been playlisted on over 50+ Spotify playlists and she has received high local praise by Oakland Magazine. By channeling music’s internal pulse, the noaccordion project has transcended limitations and has even broken its own rules in the name of creativity: “I call my project noaccordion for a reason. People have strong reactions to the instrument. Most people love it; it often reminds them of their cultural past. But some people can’t stand it. It’s a particular sound, designed to be played outdoors and loudly,” she says. “I may not play it a few years from now. It may not appear in my repertoire. I don’t want to be defined by it.”

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