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Noah Slee Drops Another Mix from Forthcoming Remix EP

Born in New Zealand, now based in Berlin, songwriter and Soul singer Noah Slee has been on the radar of tastemakers around the world since the release of his debut, 17-track LP, “Otherland”.  With a wide range of influences, the project seamlessly flowed between genres, showing hints of future beats, contemporary Soul, prog R&B and Indie-Electronica.

Now preparing to breath some new life into the acclaimed project, Noah Slee has gathered a set of remixes into the, “Otherland Remixes EP”, due out February 28th of 2019.  To get people hyped for the release, Noah Slee has begun to unleash some of the mixes.  First up was the EYUKALIPTUS remix of “Instore” featuring Wayne Snow & Rachel Fraser.

Now back with another addition, Noah Slee has recently dropped a remix from Oakland-born, LA-based multi-instrumentalist/singer/producer JNTHN STEIN.  For this one JNTHN STEIN takes the song, “Reality”, featuring Jordan Rakei and brings a hypnotic, intriguing vibe release.  Gritty, grumbling basses open the track before a bit of a refrain with some smooth keys takes over leading into a funky, energetic drop.  Rhythmic synth stabs combine with slick percussion, crazy synth melodies and entrancing vocal chops.  By the end of the track all hell has broken loose before finally breaking up into the smooth as hell outro.  The dynamics here are bananas.

About the inspiration behind his mix JNTHN STEIN says, “When I heard the track I was blown away by how slick and raw Noah and Jordan’s vocals and production were, and how meaningful and personal the lyrics were to my own headspace,” says JNTHN STEIN. “This remix is me just playing with that reality in a daydream kinda way, letting the mind just wander and seeing what can happen through playfulness and curiosity. Everyone has their own Reality.

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