• Nicholas Zallo

Noah Slee Drops Another Mix from Forthcoming Remix EP

Born in New Zealand, now based in Berlin, songwriter and Soul singer Noah Slee has been on the radar of tastemakers around the world since the release of his debut, 17-track LP, “Otherland”.  With a wide range of influences, the project seamlessly flowed between genres, showing hints of future beats, contemporary Soul, prog R&B and Indie-Electronica.

Now preparing to breath some new life into the acclaimed project, Noah Slee has gathered a set of remixes into the, “Otherland Remixes EP”, due out February 28th of 2019.  To get people hyped for the release, Noah Slee has begun to unleash some of the mixes.  First up was the EYUKALIPTUS remix of “Instore” featuring Wayne Snow & Rachel Fraser.

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