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“Nothing Compares” by Bre Kennedy is This Years Perfect Stripped-backed Song

“Nothing Compares” by Bre Kennedy is both naked and minimal. It is a song that is absent of oversaturated and distracting production elements, highlighting only Kennedy’s voice and a few other acoustic instruments. From sweet piano chords, peaceful guitar strums, to light percussive beats, “Nothing Compares” represents the raw and honest spirit that makes up the intimate and personal tone that is Nashville music.

Bre Kennedy’s emotional and light vocals adds a beautiful and effortless touch to Nothing Compares” already intimate and quiet atmosphere.​ The choice to focus on a few select instruments allows Bre Kennedy’s voice to take center stage and express the story that she has communicated in her lyrics.

Bre Kennedy is able to channel intense and deep emotions without getting lost in the background elements of her song. Her voice is both pretty and emotional, capturing the essence of acoustic music with touches of contemporary pop influences that can be seen in her musical arrangement.

Nothing Compares” feels soulful and airy. Bre Kennedy sings about an experience that everyone can relate to: constantly comparing yourself to other people and relying on other peoples opinions as a source of validation. Bre Kennedy is able to channel the sadness and hopelessness that comes from looking at others to define your self worth instead of defining it yourself. This constant need for outside validation can make you jealous of “silhouettes” and people who are “filtered and edited,”sings Bre Kennedy, ultimately creating an empty and never ending cycle of self loathing.

Bre Kennedy doesn’t shy away from getting real and honest with her music, which is why she is able to garner a group of dedicated listeners. It’s her ability to be vulnerable, honest, and fearless that allows fans to resonate with her music in a genuine way.

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