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NYC Rock Band Wicked Willow Manifests Their Muse in "Crossin Rivers"

Wicked Willow is back and better than ever in their upbeat new hit "Crossin Rivers". Inspired by the desire to manifest their muse, the rock n roll trio introduces a modern twist to old school vibes in what has proven to be one of their catchiest hits yet. With recording artist Matt Glover on vocals, Phil duke on bass & the expressive Elliot Kafton on drums, Wicked Willow gives fans a strong synergy and live studio footage to boot! Shot at Brooklyn's Strange Weather studio, the band documents them LIVE in their true element, complete with a 1970's aesthetic that pairs perfect with their overall vibe.

“I’ve been running for what I need, Entertain me, baby, and believe in me // I swear there is no greater want in my being, than lovin’ sweetly - letting go of my steam.” ~ Crossin’ Rivers

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