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Oli Hannaford is a VIBE

20 year old London based Oli Hannaford has been hard at work creating some vibes.

Following up his recent release, “Berry Gin”, Oli Hannaford is back once again with a new tune titled, “Lust”.  Blending the lines between Soul, Jazz and Pop, Oli finds a focus writing easy to follow lyrics on top of lush, organic soundscapes.  Rich guitars, layers of keys, atmospheric elements and deep basses all merge below his soft spoken yet emotionally charged vocals, creating a dynamic and ever evolving track.

Besides the overall vibe of the new tune, what I love most are the Jazz inspired riffs that come throughout.  Well placed improvisational elements come and go, creating an exciting and ever enchanting feel to the tune.

About the release he says, “Lust follows on from Berry Gin. Where Berry Gin was about letting loose on a night out and in a way disassociating yourself from reality, LUST is about when you get home… It’s about when you start to realise that whatever’s going on probably shouldn’t be because it definitely is reality. But when you’re doing something you probably shouldn’t be, it’s way more exciting isn’t it?

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