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Opulent Recordings is Lighting Up the Electric Sky

Italian, NYC based producer Gioacchino, has just unleashed his first single “Electric Sky” on Opulent Recordings, right in time for Miami’s Winter Music Conference.

Gioacchino teamed up with two of his close friends for the radio friendly crossover smash, with the track originally being built around a beautiful guitar riff laid down by Rock Positano.

The record was than later presented to talented musician & vocalist Neon Jesus, for the finishing touch, delivering a strong and catchy vocal to the already grooving song.

Electric Sky” no doubt has the potential to be a 2017 summer anthem.  Along with the original and extended mixes, the release features remixes by Dom Tufaro (Tune~Adiks & Opulent Recordings Founder), GetSet (also part of the Opulent squad) and Nicky K.

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