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ORKID Continues to Wow with Latest Single ‘CloudsNdrivebys’

Stockholm based singer/songwriter ORKID has been no stranger to RockDafuqOut.  Following her career since nearly her first official release in 2017, the 23 year old has been making some major waves over the last few years.  With a polished Pop sound and influences that range from Nat King Cole to Sam Cooke, ORKID has steadily been carving a lane of her own in the commercial Pop world while also becoming one of Sweden’s most exciting new exports.  

Having been performing and perfecting her craft for a large part of her life, ORKID used the exposure gained on the Idol stage to go from local gigs to household name.  Most recently, she has released her latest single, “CloudsNdrivebys”, and it once again helps to set the fast rising star from the rest of the pack.  With hard hitting 808’s, light melodies and rhythmic percussion setting the mood, ORKID deliver a playful, bouncy performance that holds plenty of commercial appeal while also maintaining her indie flare.  

About the release, ORKID says, “CloudsNdrivebys is almost like driving your car somewhere, but when you get to the location you don’t even know how you got there. The whole ride you’ve been thinking about someone and the memories. Even if you’re hundred miles apart you still float on the words and the moments through the chaotic world we live in like a burning city. That person is still your life line.

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