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Parachute Words Talks Through Five Top Tracks

Parachute Words are a 4 piece guitar-driven band based in London that takes inspiration from American indie rock.

Like so many musicians of his generation, Martino Gasparrini’s musical endeavours started on a laptop. His first primitive attempt at any sort of musical statement came in the form of an album at age eleven. This involved 18 terrible tracks made with GarageBand loops and the laptop’s microphone. Going forward quite a few years, Martino started uploading more serious guitar-driven albums onto Bandcamp. With the project’s name taken from a The Robot Ate Me song, Parachute Words became his main moniker for releasing music.

After leaving probably too many lofi Bandcamp albums in his wake, the latest album “One More Time With Feeling” has been the first foray into recording in a proper studio. In 2020, starting with ‘Lockdown’ the band has started releasing singles on a monthly basis. Their latest release’ is ‘Sunshine!!’, a song about global warming.

As hard as doing a top five of anything is (I would find it impossible to do something like this for say my favourite movies or books) there have always been a couple of songs that I know have been in my top 5 favourite songs and will probably never leave. These are not in order, I suppose that would be even more impossible.

  1. So number one would be Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix and not just any version but it would be the version he played live at the Royal Albert Hall. I find that the song stripped down to it’s more basic elements to be the best version. Plus it’s one of those songs that I still remember vividly hearing the first time. I had just started learning guitar and that intro just completely blew my mind. I just didn’t understand how those sounds could come out of a fretboard. Now I know how to play it and it is still pretty much my favourite thing to play on guitar. 

  2. Number two would be Heroin by The Velvet Underground. Another one that I remember hearing the first time. I have always been a sucker for big crescendos and that’s all the song essentially is, two chords and then a weird viola freakout at the end. 

  3. Number three would be Trains Across The Sea by the Silver Jews. Thinking about it, it’s another two-chord song, but I’ve always loved the lyrics and the texture of the track and it perfectly fits that itch.

  4. Number four would be How To Pass The Time by Atlas Sound. This is a relatively unknown one, it was an unreleased track by the Deerhunter frontman Bradford Cox, it’s a sad meditative number with just an acoustic guitar, harmonica and vocals. It’s different to what Bradford releases as Atlas Sound but it’s a song where his songwriting skills really shine through I think. 

  5. And lastly, probably Motion Pictures by Neil Young. He’s always been one of my favourite songwriters of all time and this one is probably my favourite of his. Honestly, it’s a bit tricky choosing my favourite Neil song, Don’t Let It Bring You Down, Out On A Weekend and Give Me Strength are quite close contenders. 

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