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Twenty-four year old artist/producer Petticoat, based in San Francisco, has released his sophomore single from what will be his second EP. Singing In The Dark, the newest release from the artist is an excellent example of marrying nostalgia with a new wave Alt/Pop. The talented young musician uses a synthesized 80’s new wave sound, as well as experimental dance music and mixes both with instantly recognizable, current, POP sensibilities. With his new single, Petticoat bridges the gap between old & new and does it with style and prowess. To date, Singing In The Dark is his most polished single, both in production and lyrically. The melody is danceable, the lyrics as introspective as they are singable, and the quality of the music superb.

 “Singing In The Dark is a confessional tell-all” – says Petticoat. The song is meant to be deeply personal, like a diary entry, and tell a story of self-doubt, familial concern, religious belief, lost love, and weariness with the mundane drudgery of everyday life. With lyrics like “Is it all in my head? Am I singing in the dark to you? Or is nobody there? Just the silence of an empty room” go a long way to show you how deep Petticoat can get, while still offering a fun POP song, ready for radio.

David Halsey, a.k.a Petticoat had his introduction and earliest exposure to music in the form of both the Bay Area’s eclectic hip-hop scene and the treasure trove of pop records his parents had curated into a collection. Petticoat is ushering in the future of POP music from his bedroom studio in beautifully polished synth production and style, and what’s even more impressive is that he is using the music of our past to help him do it. Halsey delivers innovative music with high energy and a glistening polish. “I love the music from eras that have had an eye towards futurism,” – says Petticoat, of his style choice. Halsey has cultivated a unique and specific sound with his music. Drawing influence from listening to video game soundtracks, and listening to music from his early days, Petticoat enjoys working with his Monomachine synthesizer, and exploring/creating new sounds and music.

Some words about Petticoat and Singing In The Dark:

“Simultaneously future-facing and nostalgic…Infectiously fun and free-spirited.” – PAPER

“Ridiculously infectious…an ’80s synth dream from rising pop artist Petticoat.” Consequence of Sound

At a junction of ’80s-style synth-work, millennium-era R&B, and modern electronic experimentation…Petticoat is inching closer and closer to a truly timeless sound.KUTX

“Pioneering pop.” – V Magazine

“Masterfully polished pop production to an almost enviable extent.” – Ones To Watch

“Petticoat is about to run you through the rainbow meat grinder.”Billboard

“Let David Halsey show you the sounds of the future.” Talkhouse

“Heady, uplifting and definitely makes you want to dance.” – tmrw

“A sonic masterpiece in glistening futurism.”Earmilk

“Petticoat is the pop fantasist you never knew you needed in your life.” – Clash

“[Petticoat] captures a bright dance pop sound littered with futuristic qualities…Endlessly catchy.” – This Song Is Sick

“Petticoat combines 80s New Wave and Hip-Hop in a magical effortless way.” – Ladygunn

“An electro-dance surge, a pop white-knuckler…Mysterious and inviting.” – Popdust

“Unique, yet perfect for a playlist of vintage stuff or currents.” – KUTX

Listen to more music from Petticoat, here:

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