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Philine Sonny Releases Her Second Single, The Reflective And Emotional, "Same Light"

On the 14th of January, 2022, Philine Sonny released her second single. "Same Light", is a song written to reflect feelings on the exposure to high expectations, from someone you are growing close to. Sonny goes on to explain, it's about "the attempt to keep one's past-influenced sides in the dark, just to satisfy the expectations of a person". Throughout the song, Philine Sonny asks herself introspective rhetorical questions, based on influences and dark experiences, from her past. Ultimately though, the introspection takes the artist through a cathartic journey of self discovery, leaving only the question, "will you see me in the same light ?".

Too often, behavior and choices in our lives, are dictated by expectations of others. It becomes increasingly more difficult, in an era of hyper-criticism and social media, to be yourself. Philine Sonny, is tackling this serious topic on only her second single, and the young artist is only 20 years old. Although, mostly rhetorical, the lyrics and story still come off as personal and relatable. In addition, Philine delivers a vulnerable vocal performance in the song, adding to the relatability of both the song and the artist.

As an artist, Philine Sonny is both a songwriter and producer, in addition to being a talented musician. Throughout the arrangement and production of "Same Light", Philine takes listeners on an unexpected sonic journey. From the use of an electronic drum machine in the intro of the song, to a classic horn section, Philine makes exciting and unanticipated choices that make the track gripping and fresh. The production choices, such as these, show an artistic prowess well beyond her years. Even the accompanying music video, which perfectly compliments the rhythmic tone of the song, has an artistic Independent Film, feel to it. Filmed in black and white, with the use of spotlights and body-rigged cameras, the video follows Sonny on a trek through the night, to a cathartic end, taking some frustration out on the windshield of a seemingly abandoned car, with a golf club.

It is early in this young artists career, but if this song as well as her debut single "Lose Yourself" are any indication, there is going to be a lot of great music coming from Philine Sonny. So, keep your eyes peeled and your ears opened!!!!!

Listen to more like Philine Sonny here:

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