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Pilton x Ennex Unveil Chill Summer Bop “A Little Bit Longer”

Proving their talents are unmatched when joining forces, producer-artists pilton and ennex are teaming up once again for their latest single “a little bit longer.” The song carries the essence of pre-COVID memories and fun, all while laying down a hypnotic beat and lushus top line.

“A little bit longer” lends itself both as a summertime dance track as well as a chill moment fit for any car ride with the windows down. There’s an infectious drum groove that drives the tune’s momentum while the synths fill the spaces with a delicate touch and provide further textures to the soundscape. The lyrics emphasize the yearning of a life outside of quarantine and how the time spent inside felt never-ending, but keeping the faith would pay off in the end. The duo shares:

The track became so special to us…We had an entirely different concept when the idea was made. We were going to fly out to LA to work with the session-singer, take promo pics, album artwork, etc, but obviously…COVID happened. So we took this as an opportunity to make something new and fresh – completing the song, hiring illustrators, utilizing funny TikTok concepts, and getting iconic famous individuals to endorse the track – and we hope that resonates with everyone.

Pilton and ennex are tackling the ever-changing indie artist landscape by making solid music that makes a statement and reflects their vision. “A little bit longer” is just another example of how their artistry brings a unique flair to pop music.

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