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ChrisLee is a singer, producer, and platinum selling song-writer based out of Los Angeles. A Berklee College of Music graduate, the singer-songwriter creates a unique sound through the blending of R&B Soul and modern POP sensibilities. The result is smooth, infectious, melodic hooks accompanied by a sweet rhythm and lyrical composition infused with soul and flavor. He draws influence from many artists, including but not limited to; John Legend and Justin Bieber to Kendrick Lamar and Usher. ChrisLee has seen success, recently being featured in season 2 of Songland on NBC, penning the winning song, “Love Struck” for Boyz II Men. The talented songwriter has also reached the Top 10 across many countries in Europe, including the UK music charts, for writing the breakout hit song “Don’t Need Love” by 220 Kid and Gracey.

The west coast based POP artist, is not limited to songwriting and performing, in his talents, though. ChrisLee is also the founder of earth + water records, a progressive record label that focuses on the well-being and multidimensionality of their artists. ChrisLee uses this approach to music to get deeper into the tracks “to get the best and most connected expression possible”.- say those who have collaborated with him. He is a guiding-light in the studio for artists he works with and helps keep the atmosphere fresh for unique music and artistry to shine through.

Such fresh and unique style brings us to ChrisLee‘s newest single. Flight Risk is a song about celebrating bonds of love forged through life’s trials and tribulations. In todays everchanging world with uncertain outcomes and futures, it is a great feeling to have a “ride or die”, special someone, you’d be willing to do anything and everything for. That simple idea is exactly what Flight Risk is about, dropping everything at a moments notice for that person, regardless of plans or anything else.

With masterful lyrics, a simple synth rhythm and dreamy melody, the union of R&B and POP music is tucked in by the covers of a soft and buttery smooth delivery of vocals. With Flight Risk, ChrisLee delivers love in a bottle, ready-to-drink up.

Listen to more music from ChrisLee, here:

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