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Pop Artist Ben Schuller Battles Dual Identities in New Video

Multi-faceted recording artist, producer and director Ben Schuller is ready to release the penultimate chapter in his groundbreaking series, "Two Sides of the Same Coin." The new track "LET ME GO," is a compelling installment, diving deep into the battle for control between the "artist" and "influencer" sides of Schuller, revealing the inner turmoil while he fights to not lose who he is while also chasing success.

In "LET ME GO," the artist within Ben is determined to break free from the confines of the influencer persona that has dominated his life for years. The struggle between these two opposing sides forms the core of the album as a whole, as he grapples with the realization of what he has become and his unwavering determination to come back from it. This thrilling chapter follows the earlier releases in the series chronicling Schuller’s battle within. However, "LET ME GO" marks the first face-to-face encounter between these two contrasting aspects of Ben's identity, setting the stage for the grand finale video slated for release in late November.

Ben Schuller, no stranger to the scene, has spent nearly a decade honing his craft across many creative mediums. Emerging from the YouTube world, where quick content often took precedence, he gained recognition through acoustic covers and as a key member of the YouTube group NerdOut, known for creating weekly songs inspired by movies, anime, and nerd culture. With over 3 million subscribers and more than a billion views, NerdOut became a sensation. Around 2020 however, Ben hit a rock bottom moment, realizing how much his self-worth had become entwined with the Internet, and the validation of strangers. It was that feeling that led to his first music video album, "New Roaring 20s," which delved into his generation's complex and often unhealthy relationship with social media.

"Two Sides of the Same Coin" is the continuation of this introspective journey, offering a poignant exploration of the artist's internal struggle for identity and creative authenticity in an industry dominated by online presence. Ben Schuller has released one song/video at a time throughout 2023, inviting his audience to join him on the ride.

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