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Pop Artist Madison Davenport Captures an All Too Relatable Feeling in "Oh Shit!

In yet another relatable bop by none other than pop star Madison Davenport, "Oh Shit!" captures the moment when you realize "Hmmm I think I really like this person". Trying desperately to have a friend with benefits, she failed when 'oops!' she caught feelings. An all too common sentiment, "Oh Shit!" offers us danceable melodies, fun-loving messages and a lighthearted, free-loving vibe from beginning to end. Brilliantly capturing so many feelings in one, we are anxious to hear what's next for the young artist. Having been an actress on mainstream shows like Shameless, Black Mirror, From Dusk Till Dawn and Sharp Objects, she is setting up an impressive foundation in the entertainment industry and we look forward to seeing what's in store for 2023!

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