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Pop/R&B Artist JKuch Releases Vibey “Cabin Fever”

The addictive and catchy new track by artist JKuch will have you vibing from beginning to end. Released ahead of his forthcoming album “Specters Garden”, “Cabin Fever” is a pandemic-inspired track, documenting the young artists journey through one of the toughest times this century has ever known. Originally inspired by having to be locked inside for long periods of time, “Cabin Fever” is relatable to so many who were cooped up during quarantine. The well-known term describes feelings of negativity, irritability, or listlessness. Seeing the constant increase of the number of deaths caused by this outbreak, JKuch started to realize the inescapable truth of how we all don’t have a lot of time on this earth & how ultimately, up to us to spend it in the way that is authentic and true to ourselves. The Buffalo, NY-based singer-songwriter is not one to waste time and his new track proves just that.

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