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Pop Singer-Songwriter, Jamie Miller, Unveils His Newest Single, "It Is What It Is."

Jamie Miller has jumped onto the pop scene and is coming in with some serious heat. Jamie has the perfect pop voice and star quality that is enough to put him on the main stream map. With great stage presence and an anthemic voice, Jamie Miller has paved a path for himself to become a staple in the pop music scene.

Jamie’s voice is one that is special. It can be personal and intimate, but also hit emotional heights with his strong belt, allowing him to soar and shine on more difficult rock-centered notes. Jamie Miller continues to captivate audiences with his great voice and extremely catchy hooks and upbeat pop jams.

“It Is What It Is” is produced by Louis Schoorl (5 Seconds of Summer), Cal Shapiro (Timeflies), and co-written by Miller, Schoorl, and Shapiro. The guitar-driven anthem is joined by an official music video, premiering today via YouTube HERE. “It Is What It Is transforms heartache into a song that is profoundly uplifting and powerful.

“It Is What It Is’ is what I tell myself anytime something doesn’t go my way,” Jamie says. “It means that whatever happens, you can get through it and move on. It was important to me to include that song on the EP and let my fans know that even when things are dark, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Jamie’s heartfelt debut TV performance of “Last Call” on the Emmy Award-winning Kelly Clarkson Show can be viewed HERE. Currently boasting over 380M global streams and over 93M video views via YouTube thus far, “Here’s Your Perfect” proved a monumental triumph following its April 2021 release, spending 13 weeks on Billboard’s “Global Ex-US” chart amidst acclaim from major outlets like Rolling Stone on the strength of Miller’s fearlessly confessional songwriting and warm yet commanding vocal work. Now with well over 21M global streams, “I Lost Myself In Loving You” is joined by an official music video currently approaching 7M individual views via YouTube. These tracks and more have helped Jamie earn over 480M global streams, 2.5 million TikTok followers, and 220 million YouTube views.

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